Introducing our New Dual Roller Blind Section!

Dual blinds offer the perfect combination of privacy during the day with a sunscreen blind, and for night, a separate blockout blind, which together offer excellent insulation keeping your home warm in the cooler months. Rods and Blinds offers the largest range of sunscreens and roller blinds to choose from to achieve the perfect combination to suit your decor. All our dual blinds are made right here in New Zealand and each blinds is carefully inspected and tested before leaving our factory.

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Dual Roller Blind
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Different ways of fixing dual blind brackets

Frequently asked Questions

How deep do my window frames need to be for dual roller blinds?
To completely install your dual brackets inside the window, the frame or reveal needs to 100mm deep. In many cases this is not possible and it is quite acceptable for the blockout blind to protude slightly out of the frame. If your frame or reveal is significantly less than 100mm then consider the slimline bracket option below.

Which way should my blinds roll on a dual blind system?
We recommend that both blinds be front rolled on our standard dual bracket. Please see notes below for our slimline dual bracket.

What is the cost of the standard dual blind bracket?
Not many things are FREE these days, but we are pleased to say there is no charge for our standard dual blind bracket.

How do I go about ordering dual roller blinds?
Start in the Sunscreen Section, insert your measurements into the quote box to see an instant price. Continue down into the Customise my Blind" section of your shopping cart and where the question asks "Will this blind be part of a dual blind set?" - select "yes". We will then supply a dual bracket for that blind. Repeat this for the Roller Blinds section to select your blockout blinds and again with the question "Will this be part of a dual blind set" please select "yes" Our team will automatically pick up the dual blind sets and supply the appropriate dual brackets.

How will you know the difference between dual roller blinds and ordinary roller blinds if I have both on the same order?
All dual roller blinds are coded differently when your order comes through to our Cambridge factory compared to single roller blinds , so we know to pair up the dual blinds and include the correct brackets.

Can I use a mix of standard and slimline brackets in my home?
Certainly! Our standard bracket is used in the vast majority of applications. The slimline option is only used where the reveal or frame is very shallow or you wish to mount the brackets on the wall above the frame, for example, stacker doors and ranch sliders.

On a dual blind set , can I have a control chain on either side of the window?
When selecting blinds for dual brackets, please ensure that the chains are either both on the left or both on the right.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us - we welcome your enquiry.

Slimline Dual Brackets

Use this option when you have restricted space inside the frame and cannot use our standard bracket or you wish to mount dual blinds above the window or door frame

How do I order a pair of slimline dual brackets?
At the bottom of the shopping cart there is the optional extra section. Click on the "Dual roller blinds - slimline brackets" and select this option for each blind being mounted onto each slimline bracket.