Roller Blinds and Sunscreens

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Customised Roller Blinds and Sunscreen
Blinds for you

The simplicity of the roller blind makes it one of the most versatile choices of blind, suitable for any room in the house. At Rods & Blinds we offer the highest quality made to measure? Blockout Roller Blinds and/ Sunscreen Roller Blinds that are created using renowned Shaw roller blinds fabrics and components. The unquestionable quality of our roller blinds means that each one we produce is guaranteed for a minimum of five years. Roller blinds and sunscreen roller blinds perform several functions very well - they ensure privacy whenever you want it, they allow you to control the sunlight that comes into your home or office, and they help to block the worst of the sun's heat, and they look great too!

Like all our products our roller blinds are made to the highest standards, with durable aluminium tubes, top quality materials and very smooth running gear systems which make them light and easy to raise and lower. They can even be motorized for remote or automatic operation.

There is a brief description of the various types of roller blinds listed below, but if you are unsure of any details please feel free to contact us.

Blackout or Blockout Roller Blinds
This term is used to describe roller blinds that do not allow light to pass through. When the blind is rolled down no light will pass through the fabric and will give you privacy day and night.

Sunscreen Blinds.
Sunscreen blinds are roller blinds that block out almost all the ultra violet light but still allow ordinary light to pass through. There are many different fabrics to choose from, some are a very open weave and you can see clearly view, others will block out nearly all the light. Bear in mind the darker shades in sunscreen fabrics will generally allow you to see through more clearly and the lighter shades will tend to reflect more heat and keep your home cooler.

Thermal Roller Blinds
Thermal roller blinds are a blackout roller blind with a thermal backing. This type of roller blind has excellent insulation properties. Thermal roller blinds usually cost a little more than ordinary blackout blinds but they can save you on your heating bills during the colder months.