Easy Fit Invisible Joining Bridge

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The Easy-Fit 'joining bridge' allows you to join two pieces of track together that gives the appearance of a single continuous piece of track. The joining bridge is attached to the back of the two individual tracks so is completely hidden from view.
When you use the joining bridge you can draw your curtains from one end all the way through the join to the other end. You can use several joining bridges to make up unlimited lengths of track.
This quality patented track is designed in Europe and manufactured under licence to the highest standards right here in New Zealand.

Ideal for hanging light through to heavy weight curtains, the Easy-Fit track is made from high tensile aluminium and as it is not extendable comes with a full five year warranty.

Distance from centre to end of bend:
180 mm each way.

Joining System
Patented internal bridges on the back of the track which gives seamless, invisible join on the front of the bend. Curtains will run freely around the bend.

Product Type:
26 mm wide high tensile rectangular aluminium extrusion

6060 Aluminium (best metal to use as it will not rust or break like extendable track type)

Powder coated in standard colours: Classic White, Off-White, Canvas Cloth Silver shadow, Artisan Pewter and Matt coal.

Track Specifications:
26 mm wide x 14 mm depth.

Thermocarbonate polymer

Bracket Projection:
6 cm

14 per metre or part thereof

Curtain Weight:
All weights, for domestic applications.
  • How do I measure for curtain rods & tracks?
    How do I measure for curtain rods & tracks?

    Measuring an Existing Rod or Track
    If you have an existing curtain track or curtain rod all you will need to do is measure the total length, excluding the finials (this will give you the total length you require to start shopping.

    Step by Step Measuring for New Tracks & Rods.
    • Step 1 - Start by measuring the recess width of the window, shown as (A) and note this measurement down.
    • Step 2 - Now measure each side of the window recess (B) this measurement is usually 150 mm to 350mm on either side to enable the curtains to be pulled back away from the window to not restrict the daylight, again note these measurements down. A good rule of thumb guide - for a 2000mm window or recess you should have at least 200 mm each side of the window, for a 3000 mm window or recess you should have at least 300 mm each side of the window. In both examples if you are using heavy fabrics allow extra again.
    • Step 3 - Add these three measurements together and this will give you the pole or track length you require. Example; B + A + C = Length required.

    Now you have the length you require you can start shopping.

    NOTE: The Rod lengths do not include the finials. The finials lengths are shown in the specification tab under each individual finial.

    Handy Hints
    • All our custom tracks & rods are manufactured to your exact measurements.
    • When taking measurements its best to get someone to hold the other end of the tape as even metal tape measures will flop over when extended.
    • All the measurements of our tracks and poles are in millimetres (mm).
    • If space is limited either side of the window a smaller finial would be best suited. Finial lengths are given in the finial section under the specification tab. Remember to measure twice cut once.

    Please feel free to contact us by using our toll free number if you are unsure on any of the above points.

  • Can I order over the phone?

    Rods and Blinds are always happy to help you place your order over the phone, especially if you need some expert advice about the products before you buy. Just call us on 0800 763 748 and speak to one of our trained advisors

  • What are my payment options?

    We accept all major credit cards, account to account, and direct credit.