Introducing a stunning, new roller blind fabric range, Skye.

Introducing a stunning, new roller blind fabric range, Skye.

Textured fabrics are continuing to grow in popularity and Rods and Blinds is proud to introduce our newest roller blind fabric range - Skye.

Nine stunning blackout shades developed to match todays New Zealand homes, a gentle, understated texture and thermal backed for added warmth during the cooler months.

Our newest range Skye is a premium, quality range that is very appealing with the delightful range of colours available:

Shades of White:

Taking the lead from paint manufacturers: Shades of White co-ordinates with cool grey whites through to warmer hues, complimenting
accent colours of taupe and mushroom. Skye Swan, Skye Porcelain and Skye oyster work well om this colour segment.


Inspired by the mid tone interior paintt colours of the established bronze greys, and the increasingly popular cooler silver tones; Skye Silver Sail,
Skye Chiffon, Skye Earl Grey and the new Skye Chrome are the true heroes of this segment.

Moody Tones:

Skye Blazer a blue grey and Skye Raven a delightful charcoal black offer a dramatic contrast to a neutral interior colour scheme.

Remember we send out FREE samples of all our roller blind fabric ranges, and if you have any queries, please feel free to ask - we welcome your enquiry.

Posted By 010 | 31st July 2017