Use of Sunscreen Roller Blinds in New Zealand homes.

Use of Sunscreen Roller Blinds in New Zealand homes.

Sunscreen roller blinds are an essential window covering in todays homes as they allow us to control the amount of light that comes through your windows taking out the glare and softening the ambience of your decor.

All our sunscreen blinds will give privacy during the day but allow you to retain your outside view depending upon the openness of the fabric weave.

Sunscreen roller blinds will greatly reduce the outside glare and UV light entering your home. Perfect for protecting your carpet and furniture, they will immediately stop all fading adding years of life to your furnishings.

Sunsreen blinds are great for TV rooms where you can soften the light to view your TV without closing your curtains.

Lastly, there are thermal values associated with sunscreens to help you control the heat in your home.

This year we are offering three fabulous ranges of sunscreens with different properties and such is the high quality, we offer a full ten year warranty on all three ranges.

Euroview 5% openess

This has been offered for the last eight years and has had new colours added for this season. Our Euroview range blocks out 95% of the harsh glare and UV light and gives a lovely soft ambience to your home. This range is also very suitable for offices and commercial applications.

Elegance 10% openess

Again another favorite range with a big upswing in popularity with all the new colours been added for this season. This is a super sheer range and with over twenty different shades available from Tuscan White through to Charcoal there is a shade that's perfect for your home. Due to the open weave of the fabric, sunscreen blinds crafted from this range will allow you to retain much more of your view without losing your privacy during the day. Sunscreen blinds from our Elegance range are perfect for domestic applications from colonial villas to modern contemporary homes.

Saphora 3% openess

Our range of Saphora sunscreens is a European inspired range with a two tone woven effect in the fabric. Saphora works well in most homes and presents beautifully in any situation. Because of the fabric being only a three per cent openness , Saphora works well to effectively cut out all glare.

Remember to use our FREE, sample service. Just click on the 'order free sample button' beneath each colour shade and we will courier out an actual swatch of that shade directly to you.

Remember, that we are here to help. If you have any queries on our Sunscreen blinds we welcome your enquiry.

Happy measuring.


Posted By Sean | 5th September 2015