Motorised Blinds, so easy to install!

Motorised Blinds, so easy to install!

"Installing motorised roller blinds is a straightforward way to enhance your home's convenience and automation. Our step-by-step guide ensures a hassle-free process:

Measure and Prepare: Begin by accurately measuring your window dimensions using our easy measuring guides for a perfect fit. When your blinds arrive, the motor is pre-installed in the blind and fully tested. Gather all necessary tools and components, including blinds, brackets, and screws.

Mount Brackets: Follow our easy instructions to install brackets at the top of your window frame or on the wall above it. Ensure they are level and securely anchored.

Programming: Our motorised blinds come with a remote control and have smart capabilities, and are easy to program or pair them as directed. This step may involve syncing the blinds with a remote, smartphone app, or voice assistant.

Test and Adjust: Verify proper functionality by testing the blinds multiple times. Adjust upper and lower limits to set preferred stopping points.

Finalise Installation: Once satisfied with the setup, simply lock the remote control and you have completed your installation.

These general steps showcase the simplicity of integrating motorised roller blinds into your home.

Rods and Blinds are specialist manufacturers of electric or motorised blinds. We work with our European partners to bring you the very best options for longevity and ease of installation. Please click here to find more information about the features and benefits of motorised blinds.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us, we welcome your inquiry. Elevate your living space with motorised roller blinds today!"

Posted By Sean | 30th September 2023